Short Stories

NourbeSe Philip has written a number of short stories which have published in journals and extensively anthologized. These include:

“Stop Frame” Raintiger, , Spotlighted Artist October 2004

Stop Frame” Prairie Schooner, (U.S.A.) Vol.67, no.4, Winter 1993.
Lawrence Foundation Award 1994

Bad Words” Wasafari, (U.K.) No. ll, Spring 1990 & Borderlines, (Canada) Spring 1990

“Just a name,” Matrix, (Quebec) No 31, 1990.

“Whose Idea Was it Anyway?” Tessera: Toward Feminist Narratology, (Canada) Vol. 7, Fall 1989.

“Burn Sugar,” Panurge, (U.K) No.7, Oct. 1987.

“The Tall Rains,” Women’s Review, (U.K.) Issue 12, Oct. 1986.