A Genealogy of Resistance – and other essays

Genealogy of Resistance and Other Essays, yields potent meditations on the political relevance of language. It is a Cité Libre of impassioned reason….Swinging between “word-jazz” lyric and surging prose, and fusing Caribbean demotic passages with barrister-exact English, Philip’s essays attempt a Creole tone

-George Elliot Clarke, Globe and Mail

Philip’s questions are difficult, and of an intensity of insistence rarely achieved.

-Erin Mouré. Books in Canada

Philip’s writing lives on a linguistic frontier where the essay and poem merge to create a new literary form, uniquely hers. These pieces are a pleasure to read–at once sensual and thought provoking.

-Robin C. Pacific, ART1ST

[Philip deploys] all thoughtful ways of making readers aware of how history is created, And how it is denied.

-Canadian Materials

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